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Aqua-Tech Agri provides you with proven solutions for your agricultural needs. Our specialty range of products have been expertly formulated to solve water problems with dams, ponds, and other water sources.

Why waste time and money draining precious water and having to use heavy earthmoving equipment when we have a permanent sealant solution for you. Fix it today and save water immediately.

Aqua-Tech Dam & Pond Sealer


Aqua-Tech Dam & Pond Sealer is a specially formulated blend of super absorbent polymers designed to plug leaking dams and ponds. It’s easy to apply and starts working its magic within 45 minutes. It has been sealing leaking dams and ponds in the Australian market for over 10 years.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Aqua-Tech Pond & Dam Sealer work?
Aqua-Tech Dam & Pond Sealer works by applying the dry polymer blend to the water in the dam. Once the polymers come in contact with the water, they create an invisible net that carries the polymers and any solids in the water, downwards. The different sized polymers start to expand and along with the soil get sucked into the voids and areas where the water is leaking. The polymers create a plug and continue to expand filling holes, cracks, and porous soils.
How do you apply the product?

Application is easy. Simply sprinkle it out over the water or spread with a hand applicator e.g. a fertilizer spreader. It’s best applied during low wind times. That way the product does not blow away during application.
Note: Polymers are insoluble. Through compaction and sedimentation they become a permanent part of the dam’s structure.

Is it safe for fish and animals?
Yes, it is totally safe to use in dams where fish and stock are present. Aqua Tech Dam & Pond Sealer is non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. It’s quite similar to products used in agriculture and absorbent babies nappies.
How much product will I need?

Generally 60g per sqm is needed, calculated on the surface area of your dam. It depends on whether your dam is full or partially full. The 18kg pail will cover 300sqm of surface water area.
In most cases leaking dams are successfully sealed on the first application but in some rare circumstances a further application may be required.

How long will it take to work?

Aqau Tech Dam & Pond Sealant works fast. On average your dam will have completely sealed or you will at least notice the slowing down of water loss within a week.
Some soil types may react differently depending on alkalinity/salinity or acidity. On the off chance this occurs the products performance may be reduced. 
The friendly Triox team is helpful at troubleshooting and ready to assist you with any support you need.

Case Study: Caramut, Vic

Situation: A 900 mega-litre farm dam, 1.8km long, 5.5m high and a dam wall width of 120m.

Problem: Major losses of water shown by large wet areas on outside of dam wall. Owner believed that the water worked its way under the dam wall and resurfaced about 100m down the gully. The owner suspected that the base of the dam in front of the main wall is where the leak began.

Action: A 2500sqm area in front of the dam wall was identified and treated.

Result: The damp areas outside of the dam wall were almost dry after only three weeks. Seepage rate reduced significantly.

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Case Study: Deniliquin, NSW

Situation: A dam measuring 15m x 15m square and 3m deep. The owner pumps water from a creek to fill the dam.

Problem: The dam fills quite quickly but drains completely dry within 24 hours. Owner believes the base is the problem, however the dam has never fully held water.

Action: Owner placed 3 feet of water into the dam and then treated the base and walls under the water line at the recommended rate. The owner then applied the D&P powder to the exposed dam wall surface in a 30cm band up from the water line. Water was then added until the band of applied Dam & Pond Sealer material was covered. This process was repeated until the dam walls were treated all the way up to the bank. The dam was kept full initially by topping up each day. After 2 weeks the water losses from the dam were reduced significantly.

Result: After 3 weeks of topping up the dam on a regular basis the dam began to effectively hold water and leakage is no longer a problem.

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